Top Seller of Used Cars in Sebring Florida


McPhail’s Auto Sales is a family-owned and operated independent used car dealership in Sebring, Florida. It is our mission to serve our local community by providing both quality and affordable pre-owned vehicles to those in need of transportation. With over 12 years of service, we are dedicated to offering our customers with the finest used car inventory in the Tri-County area; the Hardee County, Highlands County, and Polk County. We also like to serve DeSoto County, Glades County, Okeechobee County, and other nearby areas.

We are offering low mileage quality, late model, pre-owned vehicles, travel trailers, RVs and campers for those who love to travel with families and friends. With our vast selection of the finest and affordable used cars inventory including family vans, SUV for family, minivans, RVs, powersports vehicles, golf carts, and more. Check out the high end cars from top brands like RAM, Chevrolet, Ford, and more quality used cars for sale in Sebring, Florida. We will make sure that you have what you need.

We offer great Car Financing Options
Because here at McPhail’s Auto Sales, we’re all about you and your family. When you purchase a vehicle from our family’s dealership, you become part of the McPhail’s Family. We promise Quality, Happiness, and Piece of Mind to all buyer’s and a promise to be there for you in the long term. Our car financing options are available through multiple financing sources. Through this, you have the ability to do some short term In-House Financing and Credit Union Financing.

We accept all customer applications as we have access to both Prime and Subprime Lenders. We also have an option available for In-House Financing. And we advertise low interest rates from our credit unions and Remaining Factory Warranty as well as our ability to add Extended Service Contracts on the vehicles that no longer have one.

With products available such as Vehicle Service Agreements and GAP, we can help with protecting your vehicle long into your purchase as well. So come on down today and join the McPhail’s Family! The most affordable used cars and auto sales near you! Let us put a set of keys in your hand and a smile on your face!