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Used Dealership near Sebring

Welcome to McPhail's Auto Sales, we hope you enjoy your stay on our website. We have a huge inventory of vehicles that should interest you if you are looking to buy something used. We have everything from the affordable to late-model low-mileage vehicles that are actually also affordable. We want to help you get into a car right here in Sebring.

When you shop at McPhail's Auto Sales, you know that you are getting a car you can rely on. We actually take the time to inspect every vehicle that we sell before it goes on sale, and we also include an AutoCheck vehicle history report with nearly every vehicle that we sell. If you are in Sebring or any of the surrounding areas including Avon Park, Lake Wales, Placid Lakes, or Arcadia, then you need to stop by and see everything that we have to offer.

McPhail's Auto Sales

What our clients are saying:

It's easy to see why so many people buy from McPhail's Auto Sales. As one of their vendors I LOVE having a partnership with them. I am entirely confident that the customers they have referred me have had an Amazing experience. Dan, Andrew, Anthony, Rob, Connie and the whole team enjoy creating a family, fun atmospheres while helping their customers find a vehicle ... a vehicle they'll love. Their customers become customers for life. As their warranty provider I see first hand the quality of vehicles they provide and the lengths they go to to make the vehicles ready for sale. They deserve the highest rating I can give.
Jim Scully McPhails Auto Sales